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Efforts have been concentrated to largely automate our production lines unlike manual operations which adversely influence both quality & consistency. 

Advanced HVAC systems have been installed to maintain production consistency regardless of various climate conditions. 

Knitting operations are now fully automatic with computerized Shima Seiki and/or circular knitting machines.

These significant investments ensure the highest level of manufacturing quality so that every glove from our advanced production lines is manufactured to the same high specification each and every time.


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Our impact on the environment is tremendous and it does not seem to end. But it can all stop right here at the tip of your...

Green Products

QS has partnered with the world leading companies for the development of organic or solvent free fibers and coatings which

Cut Resistant Product...

A complete range of cut resistant gloves offers comfort and dexterity without compromising the level of cut protection.

Enterprise culture

As a full line gloves manufacturer, we focus on developing our expertise to produce innovative and quality products. We have a solid base of our own technological know-how which help us to create more innovative products and set the market trends in the future.Customers satisfaction is our top priority, we are committed to deliver more benefits to you. QS Safety, gearing up for the future with you!